By Leonardo

“Freedman writes a sensitive portrayal of a young girl’s questioning of her sexual identity.”
It’s 1973 in the sleepy Connecticut suburbs and sixteen-year old Zoe Diamond has way more than sex, drugs and rock n’ roll on her mind. Her best friend Naomi has threatened to commit suicide, and while Zoe wants to help her, she also wouldn’t mind a conversation-starter with their young Hebrew school teacher Ricka, for whom she’s developing confusing and intense feelings. Ricka is like no one she’s ever met: maddening, inspiring, and most of all, she challenges Zoe to make worthwhile choices in a world she doesn’t totally understand.

Parachuting is a raw and complex coming of age story about figuring out who we are, and what we expect of ourselves.

release: November 2010
ISBN: 789-881-11-115-2
price: $14.95

The Only Shadow in the House

By Joanna Denise

He turned the photograph over. On the back someone had pasted the words: she was murdered.

In this fast-paced sequel to Illegally Dead, Edm travel writer Elisa  is excited toget back on the open road to research a new article when, suddenly, an unexpected romance leads to a new murder mystery.
Though she is determined to stay focused on her writing, Elisa can’t ignore the familiar goose bumps she feels when the handsome wheelchair basketball coach Jared asks for her help to find out the truth about his mother’s death. Once Elisa and Jares arrive in Redwater and begin to ask difficult questions about the past, they realize that not everyone wants this mystery to be solved… Can Elisa uncover the truth, and will her new relationship survive the investigation .
release: October 2010
ISBN: 347-116-1-1-445-3
price: $16.95