Elizabeth Ruth has gathered the work of 55 of the talented writers who have performed at the reading series “Clit Lit,” now entering its fifth successful year. Clit Lit is the only monthly queer literary series in Canada.With conviction, Ruth says, “Good writing breeds good writing.” Working from this premise, she founded and developed a community-based artistic space where established and emerging writers could meet and learn from each other. Each contributor in this collection is interested in bending or queering the canon in exciting ways that challenge some of our most basic preconceptions about writing, life and love.At Clit Lit writers find inspiration and motivation from each other and are able to showcase their talent in various forms – prose, poetry, spoken word, playwriting, creative non-fiction, storytelling and drag. Bent on Writing offers readers a permanent and lasting record of that work and a how-to guide for establishing their own community-based literary events. This book is more than an anthology; it is a gathering of three-dimensional talent for the two-dimensional page.